GSA Schedules Earnings

GSA Schedule – Great now when will I receive my first order?

Once Vendors are on GSA Schedules, they want to know, “once I get my GSA Schedule Contract in place when will my first sale come through?”  Clearly this question is greatly dependent on the industry you are in.  However, at BKM Management Consulting we take a more direct hands on approach to our onboarding of our clients.  We do not only rely on the GSA Schedule Contract for their success we want to diversify their Government Contracting Portfolio.

Below is an analysis that is conducted from the sales data for new GSA for schedule holders based upon the year in which their GSA Contract became active.

Years of Holding a GSA Schedule Average Sales per GSA Contract Holder
1st Year 40,208
2nd Year 552,604
3rd Year 1,098,553

GSA Schedules
A GSA Schedule is your first step in entering the federal market place.  Most companies want to do business with the US Government, though often they simply have no idea how to get started or they have a misguided view of the process.  Yes, it can be very daunting to begin a Government Division for your firm however, it is a very consistent stream of revenue and if you are properly positioned your company will be very successful.  BKM Management Consulting works with businesses to guide them properly in entering the Government Space as well as assisting some with their current portfolios.

For Instance, a situational assessment must be done before onboarding because not every single company will be successful.  We want to start by taking a look at what the government has purchased, what their budgets are for what you have to offer if any and who your competitors are within that space. In addition, what your differentiators will be to determine whether you in fact will be a success and if this is a good value for you and if you’re a going to be a value to the Government.

Our trained Government Development team can assess your business today for the opportunities.