Business Development

At BKM Management Consulting we take a comprehensive approach to individualizing each business and your goals.  For instance, no two businesses are typically alike therefore, we want to make sure we are evaluating your business objectives. We work with a variety of companies whether large or small.  We have the know how and the tools to guide our clients in the proper direction.

Marketing Tools

In today’s ever-changing socially driven marketplace we want to make sure you are properly noticed.  We offer a variety of SEO and Web Driven features to help you accelerate your efforts.  We want to make sure you know who the buyers are that are interested in your core competencies and we want to let them know who you are.

Business Consistency

At BKM Management Consulting we need to get your business on a track of consistent revenue.  Over the years we have found that Government Contracting has proven to provide this in the best fashion.  We start by doing an assessment to see where and what your company maybe eligible for in the Government Sector.  Whether, you qualify for a contracting vehicle such as GSA Schedule or GWAC’s or if you just need a team to help you write some winning proposals, we are here to navigate you through the Government Red Tape and Maze.  We Speak Government!

Some of our Services:

  • GSA Schedule Contract (Also referred to as FSS/MAS)
  •  8A Stars, Alliant, DAPA, DLA Registrations and ECAT are just a few of the Government Contracting Vehicles we can assist with.

We also handle all registrations with Local, State and Federal Agencies as necessary for your contracting goals.


Need help finding Business Financing Options?

We at BKM Management Consulting can assist you with your business financing needs.  Contact one of our specialists to discuss the areas we can guide you through.

Business Does Not have to be hard

We believe that having realistic expectations is the best method for success.


If you currently have a GSA Schedule or any other contracting vehicle and need help or consultation we can help!

Next Steps…

Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation/evaluation with one of our business specialists.

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