What is a SAM Registration and why would any company need such a thing?

What is a SAM Registration and why would any company need such a thing? SAM stands for the System for Award Management, for those of you who have worked with the Government in the past you are aware that SAM took over the CCR Registration. (Central Contractor Registry).

The SAM Registration is necessary for anyone to do business with the Government. The SAM goes through a series of questions and enables the Government to ask pertinent information to ensure you are a real business operating on U.S. soil. It is the very simplest entry level into the Government space and does not in any way lead you to any Government Orders or Contracts. Again, all this does is allow you to be seen as a business that maybe eligible for Government Contracts.

Many people say to us, “I registered with SAM and didn’t get any orders”. Well yes again, this is simply an entry level registration, in no way does it do anything than just that. In order to gain any insight on what the Government Spends on what you have to offer or where you would find recent orders there are various other registrations you must do.

We do not charge for a SAM Registration as this is a free service. We will assist your firm on getting this set up. The Government is a very expansive entity and in many cases quite daunting. However, properly executed steps and measure lead most businesses down an extremely lucrative path to success. At BKM Management Consulting, after our assessment is complete we direct you on where to begin and the most efficient way to run your business and take on Government Contracts. The Government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world, spending more money on a daily basis than most of us will see in our lifetime. The Government purchases everything from paperclips to aircraft carriers and everything in between, they rely on businesses everyday to help them run the country. The nice thing about the Government is that they are also required to purchase from small businesses. Never think you are too small.