New to Government Contracting?

Are you a start up but would like someone to help you enter into the Government Space?  Explore all the Government has to offer with our Government Business Partner Team and our Proprietary Database

Need a Certification?

Are you in need of a certification?  Let our team of expert processors handle the arduous paperwork and ensure your documents are in compliance and filed for a timely award. We do it all:  WOSB, VOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZONE, 8A, and STATE MBE.  Did you know the Government Sets money aside specifically to spend on those socio-economically disadvantaged businesses.

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We at BKM provide the complete services for all contracting vehicles from GSA (The most widely used), to SEWP,  8A STARS, IDIQ, GWAC’s.  We have the expertise to ensure your company complies with compliance and policies as required to get you to a streamlined completion.

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We handle the Government Puzzle for you!

We are your Government Contracting Source.  BKM Management Consulting has attracted some of the most talented Government Contracting personnel to allow you, our client the ability to concentrate on your expertise and your existing client base. BKM remains current on all new regulations and refreshes so you are not caught in a backed up process that takes way too long.  We cannot rely on the Government to provide expediency once we submit everything but we can rely on the efficiency of our staff, therefore minor hiccups do not effect your bottom line.

Our team of contract experts have the experience and know how to take your company to the next level.  Most companies want to enter into the Government Contracting Space to diversify their business and advance to a consistent stream of revenue so who better to work with than the Government?  After all we all know about the Government’s “Use it or Lose it rule”, government buyers are required to use all of the money n their budget before FY year end each year or they lose it.  The U.S. Government utilizes goods and services everyday to run the country.  The Government is omnivorous in that they purchase everything from paper clips to aircraft carriers.  Government procurement officers use contracting vehicles such as the GSA to purchase goods and services from companies just like yours.

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What our clients say about BKM

“We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Our process was flawless after spending over 11 months trying to do it on our own thanks to help of the BKM Group we have our contract! “  

 “We were very apprehensive at first to get into Government Contracting but after speaking with RJ a few times and doing our due diligence she was correct and up front about everything.  Fast forward 2 years we wished we would have done this 10 years ago.  Thank you, RJ, Brianna, Kim”.  

 “The team at BKM Management Consulting is top notch, they assisted me in getting my contract in place and trained my staff.  When you put your faith in a company and they deliver you want to make sure you let others know.  The Company knows their business that is for sure.”

 “ I am so pleased to endorse BKM and their entire group.  From start to finish my experience was good even though the process itself is pretty overwhelming they took their time and helped every step of the way.  Never lost patience with my “hoards” of questions.  I am thankful to their company for being there for me.  They are definitely the group to use if you want to get into Government Contracting.  I have my 8A through them and now going for the GSA. “  

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