“We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Our process was flawless after spending over 11 months trying to do it on our own thanks to help of the BKM Group we have our contract!”

– Laura Dias
Staffing Kentucky

“We were very apprehensive at first to get into Government Contracting but after speaking with RJ a few times and doing our due diligence she was correct and up front about everything.  Fast forward 2 years we wished we would have done this 10 years ago.  Thank you, RJ, Brianna, Kim”.

-Susan and Jeffrey Freidhoffer
IT Services – California

“The team at BKM Management Consulting is top notch, they assisted me in getting my contract in place and trained my staff.  When you put your faith in a company and they deliver you want to make sure you let others know.  The Company knows their business that is for sure.”
– Gary Masoning – New Mexico
HVAC Supplies

 “ I am so pleased to endorse BKM and their entire group.  From start to finish my experience was good even though the process itself is pretty overwhelming they took their time and helped every step of the way.  Never lost patience with my “hoards” of questions.  I am thankful to their company for being there for me.  They are definitely the group to use if you want to get into Government Contracting.  I have my 8A through them and now going for the GSA. “  

– Donna Robee – Staten Island, NY

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you personally, and your team at BKM Management Consulting, for addressing our recent needs related to our Schedule 75 submission. It was indeed very fortunate that you contacted us when you did since we’d been struggling with several items both during our first contract submission we were doing ourselves and then after our rejection letter came through.

Your assistance enabled us to correct our mistakes and move forward with our subsequent submission. There is no question that your team’s expertise and understanding of every aspect of Schedule 75 was invaluable to us. I particularly appreciate the way you completed a thorough yet very efficient review of the material we had already pulled together ourselves, in order to catch any other missing items. It was well worth the investment we made with your firm to contract with you, which I might add was also extremely reasonable!
Consider us a happy customer and willing to share our experience. Happy New Year!”
Printing Company

To Whom it May Concern:
“It is my pleasure to recommend BKM Management Consulting services. Over the last few months I have worked closely with RJ Farilk, Senior Procurement Specialist, on assisting Life Fitness with our GSA contract updates/modifications.

BKM offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Everyone one on their staff is very professional, knowledgeable and willing to assist right away. We were not only able to update our current GSA contract, but enhance our opportunities through avenues we were not currently registered for.

I look forward to continuing our relationship and utilizing them when needed to develop/grow our business opportunities within GSA.”

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